Immigration and Nationality

Satterlee Stephens LLP has been at the forefront of representation of U.S. employers and companies planning on moving to the United States that are grappling with immigration and nationality questions. We understand the needs of employers in hiring the most highly qualified employees.

Our attorneys understand how to assist businesses maneuver through all the red tape accompanying our nation's immigration laws. Kenneth A. Schultz and Ted J. Chiappari lead our immigration and nationality practice. These are two experienced immigration lawyers who excel in this area of law and intimately understand the legal aspects of international travel by employees.

Immigration Services Our Lawyers Provide For Employers And Employees

Our law firm represents businesses and their employees in every aspect of business immigration matters. The wide range of legal services we provide in the area of employment based immigration and nationalization include:

  • Legal entry into the United States and maintenance of lawful status: Our services prevent complications from arising when foreign nationals are employed in the U.S., and our tracking system automatically advises clients of key expiration dates.
  • Arranging for temporary work-authorized visa status: With our experience in this area, we know how to acquire visas smoothly and how to craft creative solutions.
  • Lawful permanent residence and green card status: We know the steps for having green cards issued for employees. We make the process transparent and predictable for both employers and employees.
  • Loss of permanent residence and expatriation issues: Our attorneys understand the broad array of requirements and tax implications that U.S. citizens and long-term residents face when residing on a temporary or permanent basis in another country, and can advise on how best to maintain or surrender the green card while on assignment abroad.
  • Family-based immigration: Our attorneys assist on family-based immigration issues in an effort to meet all of the employees' needs.
  • Global mobility issues faced by employees: Our efforts allow for employees to move freely from country to county when conducting business on behalf of your company. We also have an extended network of colleagues and law firms across the globe allowing us to resolve global mobility issues that our clients face.
  • I-9 compliance and work site enforcement: We make certain that employers manage compliance risk appropriately.


Christopher P. Wild

Christopher P. Wild is an associate at Satterlee Stephens LLP concentrating his practice in immigration law.

He assists foreign nationals and their employers to obtain immigration benefits in the United States, including lawful permanent residence as well as temporary work and visitor visas.  Prior to focusing on immigration law, Mr. Wild was an associate concentrating in tax and employee benefits.

Tobias F. Damm-Luhr

Tobias F. Damm-Luhr is an associate at Satterlee Stephens LLP and concentrates his practice in immigration law.

He assists foreign nationals and their employers to obtain immigration benefits in the United States, including lawful permanent residence as well as temporary work and visitor visas.

Mr. Damm-Luhr is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is admitted to practice law in the State of New York. He is fluent in German and proficient in Mandarin Chinese.

Susanne Heubel

Susanne Heubel is of Counsel to Satterlee Stephens LLP.

Ms. Heubel concentrates her practice in the area of immigration law.  She assists companies and individuals who wish to employ foreign nationals in the United States for a temporary period or permanently.  She also assists individuals with applications for naturalization and is involved in a variety of family-based immigration matters.

Kenneth A. Schultz

Kenneth A. Schultz is a partner of Satterlee Stephens LLP. 

Mr. Schultz represents clients in matters dealing with entry to the United States and the acquisition and loss of U.S. citizenship and lawful permanent residence (the “green card”).  He is routinely engaged by American and multinational companies in securing nonimmigrant (temporary) working visas and green cards for employees and their families.  Prior to his practice in immigration law, Mr. Schultz served as an Assistant District Attorney.

Ted J. Chiappari

Ted J. Chiappari is a partner of Satterlee Stephens LLP. 

Mr. Chiappari concentrates his practice in the area of business immigration.  He represents companies seeking to acquire temporary work permits or permanent resident status for their foreign employees and also represents individuals on maintenance of US resident status while abroad and on citizenship matters, including dual citizenship and loss of citizenship.  He also advises on tax aspects of international transfer of personnel.